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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 18, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> nice, wow. >> that is an original. >> okay, back to you, griff. >> thanks andy. >> i have other friends to hang out. who needs you anyway. you are going to go home and watch your stupid shows. 22, -- two right now. tonight on huckabee, he is a winner and believer. >> i would like to thank my lord and savior jesus christ. >> why is tim tebow's faith making him a polarizing figure in sport. >> she aimed her atabblings at them. >> i never heard a more dangerous answer for american security than the one that we just heard from ron paul. >> weep can't have for the nominee of the republican party someone who continues to stand for fannie mae and freddie mac. >> they asked if she was too tough on her fellow candidates. >> and tobi keith and marshall
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tucker band perform the christmas songings. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> thank you. great audience here tonight and merry christmas everybody. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. it is hard to ignore the talk of all sports cast and headlines in the counselry. tebow fever. tim tebow led the denver broncoses out of obscurity and in the nfl. and many athletes give credit to higher power. many are asking if god ising for his team. >> he had his doubt are in high school. and winning national championships in college he had doubters. they say he doesn't have the mechanics to be a successful
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nfl quarterback and now he's winning in the pros he has a doubter. and considered his heart and faith. >> since he tock over as starting quarterback. the team turned its season around and winning sevenout of the eight games and winning in dramatic fashion and california coming back after starting poorly. what is it? >> he might have explained it last summer. >> i am not going to be perfect. i am going to mess up every day. that is what grace and faith is all about. getting back up when you get knocked down and continue that journey of faith and continuing to try to improve and get better. >> tim's credits are not limited to those who put down his game. he is awn kniling down to pray in the games and that habe moxed by opponents and
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tebowing craze created controversy in a new york high school where four students were suspended for leading the class mailmates in mimicking tebow. >> does anyone try to get you to tone it down. yes. >> and that hasn't stopped him. after last week's come back against chicago, bears linebacker brian erlicker gave the quarterback a back handed compliment and called him a good runningback . instead of responding negatively tim turned the other cheek. >> from a good player that means a lot. >> contrived controversy is a conversation in the sports well and forget the
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presidential primary and staggering unemployment and a government that is choking. we have a nfl quarterback who loves jesus and lives a lot that greatly acknowledges his personal faith. he doesn't imagine that god purchased the total nfl package on tv. i feel confident that the almighty is certainly aware of the amazing winning streak of the denver franchise but hasn't taken a role in determining the outlook of the game. despite what devout dreamers may declare. >> tim tebow is a and humble and disciplined young man who is raised to believe that he is personally accountable for his actions on and off of the field and would appear he is consistent in both orbits.
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sports writers seem obsessed with the opinions on whether tebow ought to declare his aleveragance to god. and the controversy rages with the fellow christians and some of whom are amazingly of his displays. i am seeing them advertise something of prayer and thanks to god. >> look, i have seen plenty of drug users and gun toting thugs and dog fighters and general jerks advertise their life styles. surely there is room in sports for someone advertising the love of god and his mother and father and his sport. believers openly declaring love for jesus. i have no problem with that. some folks eat their soup louder than are thes. but the soup taves want same.
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and some people are naturally and supernaturally expressive and i am fine with that. i rejoice to see a young person who as a role model will not encourage my grandson to smoke treat woman disrespectfully and cheat and lie and get in drunken brawls and startify fights on the field. i will buy a room of posters. and the broncoses lose. god is no less god. i hope that tebow and the bronx keep winning. and they'll have to find something better to whine about other than the fact he prays. >> feel free to contact me at access facebook and twitter and if you have something to say about that.
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this past week i was in des moines, iowa with the presidential candidates and an overflow crowd to premiere the movie, the gift of life. it is a stunning and i think powerful portrayal of why every life has worth and dignity. i hope you get a copy. find out more about it in the gift of life >> and follow the link from mike we had a big moment from the huckabee show. full page aid in the wall street journal about the forum with the attorneys general and first in the ratings and beat cnn. and wonderful reviews from the new york times and the daily beat. and they normally don't have much to say about me and fox
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news. most of the candidates aimed attacks at president obama. but minnesota congresswoman mitch -michelle bachmann set her sites on those on the stage. >> i never heard a more dangerous answer from ron paul. he cashed pay checks from freddie mac. over 1.6 million and i am shocked listening to the former speaker of the house because he is defending the continuing practice of fannie mae and freddie mac. >> joining us from iowa michelle bachmann. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, governor. it is it a pleasure to be with you. >> most of the analyst they have seen thought you had a exceptionally strong night and you took your game straight to the fellow candidates. was that an intentional strategy or rise up within you
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that there were things that you had to challenge. >> i had no strategy to do that but based on the things i heard . first clip you played that of ron paul. he would be a dangerous president of the united states. i am not trying to be personal. but it is clear, people recognize that ron is hell bent on - iran is hell bent on obtaining a nuclear weapon and they'll use it against israel and the united states. we know that because president of iran said that in august and in september when he was here. it is a serious situation and i comthis as someone who sitots intelligence committee. we have to take this threat on because it is real. >> i have to agree that iran is a real threat and in the only country who not only wants to develop a nuclear and
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are with the express purpose of using it and yet on the tonight show when ron paul was on, this week, he made this comment. i would like to get your reaction after we listen to it >> michelle bachmann. >> she doesn't like muslims. she hates muslims . she want to go get them. >> you know, congresswoman it is not personal. but it sounded personal from him to you . he made a bold. i would say an outrageous allegation that you hate hus muslims. i never have seen that in you and respond. >> no, you never have. i never have said anything that foolish. what i believe is that i love the american people and i love this country and i want this country to be safe, sovereign and free. the real hate that you hear is
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coming from the president of iran. he hates jews and israel and he hates the american people and so do the mullas in iran who expressly stated it is their goal to kill jews in israel and also americans that. is it a real threet. as commander-in-chief, i will make sure iran never obtained with -- a nuclear. >> the allegation that you hate muslims and want to go get them? >> of course not. i don't hate muslims. i do recognize we have a real threat just like hitler building up the threat prior to world war ii. all of the signs were there and people wanted to bury their head in the sand. we are living in the time where there is it another mad men and anything that the last 100 years taught us. when a mad man speaks listen
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and take that threat seriously. i will stand with the american people and the country i love. [applause] >> congresswoman you and i were together with the other presidential candidates at an overflow event for the movie, the gift of life and one of the things that people are saying these issues don't matter and the issues of the sanctity of life and. it appeared to matter to the iowa voters. would you react to whether those issue matter in the campaign in iowa. >> even today. i am on a 99 coincident tour . we did 10 stops yesterday and today. governor, i will tell you, people brought up the issue of life and said it is it a number one issue. i know that you agree, life needs to be protected. we talk about that in the debate and your viewers. i encourage them to stay tuned to fox. and they will show it again .
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the issue of life came up. life needs to be protected from conception to natural death and that's why i brought up the issue. former speaker of the house newt gingrich had a chance to defund planned parent hood and he didn't do that. and he reconfirmed that he would support and campaign for republicans who support the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion . i could never do that. the question asked to the speaker by will. when is it a virtue to tolerant infanticide. it is not. we need to be a party that stands for life . i do. and the republican party. q. people in iowa want a champion to stand for life and i will. >> congresswoman much michelle bachmann. have fun out there.
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and for joining us today. >> always ure eye pleasure. >> and barack obama condemned the war in iraq and announcing the end of the he called it a extraordinary event. is that statesmanship or flip flopping. we'll debate on the hot seat
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[applause] >> the quar in iraq is officially over and the headed home, president obama looked on the bright side. >> what's happened over the last several years has linked the united states and iraq in a way that is potentially powerful and could end up benefiting not only america and iraq but the entire region
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and world. >> that sounds different than the old stance. >> i don't oppose war in all circumstances and i look out over the crowd today. i know there is no shortage of patriots or patriotism. what i do oppose is a dumb war. why has the president changed his mind? >> co-founder of defoin america . both are fox news contractors. >> jamu. is this a flip flop? >> as a candidate he opposed the war and he said he was going to end the war and has a president he has and after nine years. i don't think i have tears for the family reunions. i have a question for you, governor. given that he lived up to
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every single promise in iraq. is he not the greatest commander-in-chief in the 21st century. >> our audience doesn't think so. no, i don't think so. he wants to talk about what he inherented. he inherented a war that turned because of the surge he opposed. he was not fond of the military until he became commander-in-chief and realized they're the greatest americans. i am grateful they are coming home and ending. i don't see how i can see those two pieces of videotape and not say how he had to change his mission. >> he was against it and he doesn't think it was a good idea. but once he's there. you understand. you are with me. you wanted us to get out. >> i am rarely wu, ellis.
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>> the power of logic overwhelmed you, governor. snuyou know you don't have a 10 year occupation and get them out of afghanistan too, right. >> i never wanted to see it go in 10 years and as typically would go in as with colin powell an overwhelming and make it quick and deceasive. the fact that it lasted 10 years a lot of people didn't come home. the pain of the war is unquestionable. this president, it was not just the war. we all support the. i will not question his patriotism or support for the troops. but i am talking about the mission for the war. >> libya model was better. we got in and got out of there and we had support from our allies. >> he said he knew how to do it from the start to the
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finish. >> as far as libya. the president's original proposal was not what we did, i will give him credit. because he is the commander-in-chief and i will give credit for a number of good decisions and i will not dismiss everything he has done. he made a major change. you know why. it is easy to be a candidate and tougher to govern. the second topic. does the media hold a gop presidential field than they would to the democrat field. let's look at tape and you react. >> what did you do? >> i strategic. >> how much did you spend doing that kind of work. it seems like a lot of money. >> ceo of bane capitol romney bankrupted five companies. >> i am not going to continue. >> have you ever been accused.
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>> candidates running for president. are the questions specifically related to some of the financial information. i found it interesting. al sharpton who owes half million in taxes and he's raising questions about the integrity of the candidate. am i reacting? >> yes. >> that is what happens if you ever front runner and newt gingrich said bring it on and he welcomed it and put up a piece on the website . i think that the media is treating the field differently. they have allowed. republicans have allowed the media to turn it in a circus. and the american who wants the best nominee to go up against obama. i think the media is at fault for turning into a reality. >> how? >> they allowed donald trump to control the debate and cand
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dastes like herman cain who didn't have the standing to be a front runner. all of the attention they put on him . some of the questions that we have seen in the debate crossed the line and focusing on michelle bachmann's migraines. >> that is my point. the questions are ridiculous. why would they ask michelle bachmann about a behigrain and herman cain certain things. that is my point. there is it an unusual levelful scutiny which had nothing to do with being president. >> you have been -- aren't you sick. >> no, i feel fine. >> when you run for president in your country you better expect tough questions and sad lethis time around the republican candidates are rougher on each other. michelle bachmann is and she makes them look like a bunch much pussy cats. >> we can't forget mitt romney as a front runner for the last
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year, he stayed away from sunday talk shows for sunday talk shows. why is that? . >> i don't blame him. they ask you obscure questions of something you said 20 years . the hot seat is cooling down. we have to g. great to visit with you. merry christmas to both of and you happy new year. >> all eyes are on iowa. coming up. salem network syndicated talk show host. will brang down why his home state is the place to be for politics in the next couple of weeks .
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>> and next two and half weeks
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iowa is the epi of the political world. they kick off the primary season. gining me from iowa to explain why the state is soy important. nationally syndicated talk show host and author of we'll not be fooled gabe. my friend steve day from iwampt steve, good to have you here. >> great to see you again. >> they talk about the caucus of iowa. and walk us through a caucus night and tell us what happened in a caucus as opposed to a primary election . >> totally different environment. a cackus may be in the school or church, and a lot of times you stand up and explain why you are voting for somebody and the candidates that have proxies that speak on their behalf. you are looking at two or
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three candidates and the pastor or kid's teacher or somebody you respect gives a passionate speech for one . candidates. they might sell you there in the caucus is the there is pom ticking that go on in the caucuses themselves . it is a different environment than the primary. >> it is public and not like you secretly mark a ballot. you take a stand in front of the neighbors that live in the neighborhood. you are right in the iowa caucuses. christian voters dominate. if you are a squishy voters in the primary you can secretly vote for they ryno type. but no one knows. but if you are in the church and school and stand up andoin the candidate it has an
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enforcement mechanism. and it indicates why polls are unreliable in iowa. calk - caucusing is different. do you see member surprising and media overlooked that will be stronger than they expect? >> i definitely their think there is it a chance michelle bachmann and/or rick sanatorium will finish way above their polling numbers and i am hearing a lot of things about rick perry's ads and the debate performance. he has a chance to improve where he is at. more likely scenario is that michelle bachmann and/or rick sanitorium will finish better. prior to the straw poll most credible poll had rick sanatorium at two percent . he got 10 percent of the traw poll vote. it is it impossible to gauge
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with the organic process. polls and caucuses measure mind share than market share. they measure who people are talking and thinking about. but they don't necessarily measure the support of the person. and there is very few who understand and know and keep us with the iowa scene better than you do. we hook forward to seeing you soon. >> thank you, mike. >> steve from salem broadcast network. >> we all have our list of best loved christmas songs and i like old little town of bethlehem. and including tobi keith and marshall kentucky; i wonder if they will play yours. stay tuned we'll find out.
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now back to huckabee. [applause]
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christmas is just one week away and we want to get in the spirit of chris nas and have mucal guest share their memories of chris mat. and to bey keith. >> at my grandmother's house at fort smith and visit her and cousins and she only had a three bedroom house and she piled all of the kids in the room and we wouldn't go to bed on christmas eve. my grandpa took a four by four. santa is going to come and you guys are going to be awake. that is shut up drink egg nog and go to bed. we were trying to be around . he took a pair of jingle bells and shook turned the window and threw a four by four on
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the house. we are so busted we thought. >> santa has come to the house . >> 7 kids went out like a light. and we walked and went and under the >> holdest childhood christmas memory that. is a great one. one more qui. in your house growing nupt south. did dults eat first or kids eat first on christmas morning. >> kids. >> that's the little table. how old were you before you could eat at the big table. >> i was about 14 and i graduated up in junior high. >> i bet you can eat at the big table now. >> it is it my big table. keeldo a great christmas classic little drummer boy. ♪
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♪ come they told me parum pa, pabum. ♪ a newborn king to see parumba babum. ♪ our finest gift pa rum pa rum. ♪ to lay before the king ... ♪ so to honor him rumapa rum. . ♪ when we come.
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♪ little baby rumapa rum. ♪ i am a poor boy, too rumapa rum. ♪ i have no gifts to bring rumapa rum. ♪ that's fit to give a king. rumapa rum. rumapa rum. rumapa rum. ♪ shall i play for you rumapa rum. ♪ on my drum. ♪ mary nodded, rumapa rum.
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♪ the ox and lamb kept time rumapa rum. . ♪ i played my drum for him rumapa rum. ♪ i played my best for him rumapa rum. rumapa rum. ♪ rumapa rum. ♪ then he smiled at me rumapa rum. me ♪ me and my drum. ♪ me and my drum. ♪ me and my drum.
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[applause] merry christmas to bey. >> merry christmas, brother. >> great to have you here. >> marshall tucker band with their version of mary christmas, baby.p@?ñm ñoy÷ó
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>> the marshall tucker band is reporting great southern rock hits for four decades.
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i asked doug gray about his favorite christmas memory. you grew up in south carolina. what childhood memory do you have that stands out. >> just always wanting more presents. >> that means everything i could get and i anyhow what it was like. that is my memory. that's what it was just family and knowing that everybody got together in the holidays and regardless of anything else. you knew if you walked inside and i wore a hat like this. >> what is the best christmas present you ever got? >> i think i just receive today when we played in iraq; i think i did. [applause] it is going to be a lasting thing for us. i was in viet nam and saw bob hope perform and that was in '69. that is it my present this year.
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>> that is it a great present. we'll do a christmas son . merry christmas, baby. >> i am ready. ♪ merry christmas, baby. you sure been good to me. ♪ ♪ merry christmas, baby. ♪ oh, you shore been good to me. ♪ ♪ you give me all of the good loving i need. ♪ i can't wait until santa claus comes down the chimney. ♪ ♪ she gave me new hifi for
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christmas and i lisised to it day and night. ♪ every time she sits beside me, i know everything is going to be all right. ♪ merry christmas, baby. ♪ you shore look mighty fine to me. ♪ i can't wait for santa to come down that chimney, baby. ♪ i am going to have company. ♪
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you it ♪ merry christmas, baby. ♪ merry christmas to me. ♪ ♪ i sure like that little hifi you gave me, i listen to muc can't you see? ♪ i know you looking mighty fine. ♪ merry christmas came to me. thank you. [applause]
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wonderful. wonderful. you might more christmas music go to our website at fox for counselry star craig hammles renitation of i will be home for christmas and the little rockers and kelly wright with have yourself a merry christmas. coming up.
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from the moment our children were born, i lived in the boston area and there is a group that celebrates christmas every year that is called the rebels . it is a grouch people who are singing and -- group of people who are sing dancing with adults. and they celebrate the christmas and winter soltice. it is england and mexico and sometime its is can dampt and it is so much fun because there is it a lot of singing that they participate in . one of the songs that they sing. is give us -- which the audience sings in a round.
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i would have invited different frinds that contribute to a different sar-- variation . we would like to offer that christmas. and joining me is josh, a extraordinary talented young celloist from oklahoma living now in new york city . we'll play it for you as you wish. >> i am anxious it hear it as is our audience. >> thank you so much. [applause] ♪ ♪
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♪ [applause] >> at the top of the show i talked about tim tebow's faith and his winning streak. can he do it again? on sunday they face tom brad yethe new england patriots. can tim lead his team to a win? tell us what you think of
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tebow fever . merry christmas from all of us here in the huckabee show . until next time thank you and god bless and good night and merry christmas. the employee of the month is... spark card from capital one. spark cash gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. it's hard for my crew to keep up with 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. 2% cash back. that's setting the bar pretty high. thanks to spark, owning my own business has never been more rewarding. [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? this guy's amazing.
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